Rubber Bag
  • Moisture amount is less, due to which there is no fungus problem in bag, therefore it is good for our health.
  • Cost of Rubber Bladder is economical.
  • Rubber Bladder is Easy to handle & tonal quality is also good.
  • No frequent maintainence required and no seasoning required and regular playing is not essential.
  • Socket can be fitted easily, no need to take to the professional oftenly.
  • Rubber Bag have a long life and no need to be replaced after 2 to 3 years if carried safely.

Leather Bag
  • Soaks up moisture easily, due to which there can be a problem of fungus in the interior of bag, which is injurious for lungs.
  • Cost of Leather bag is high.
  • Tonal quality of leather bag is very fine and pleasent to listener.
  • Required a frequent maintainance and maintainance cost is high.
  • Hard to find one with pre-cut holes, and socket fitting is difficult and only can be done by professionals.
  • Tend to mould the shape according to you more easily while carring.
Key Features

* Band instructors from the retired army to experienced and qualified personnel are incorporated with us.

* We are flexible to supply you all types of school uniforms, house uniforms, and tracksuits.

* Specialize and expertise professionals in a bagpipe (Scottish Highland) band.

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